By: Darren & Shalynn

When my family and I were ready to take the next step in life and purchase our first home, we were overwhelmed and did not know where to begin. Just the thought of finding a realtor out of thousands there are, and then finding one that you can trust with what may be your first and last biggest decision that you will have to make in your lifestyle was too much. That is when the HANY ADAM Team stepped into our lives. Our home buying experience was a joy. We found the home that was perfect for our newborn child and ourselves.

By: Mark

Just a quick not to say thanks to HANY ADAM for all your help in finding me a home and explaining the paperwork process. The builder agent stated that I had the most attentive agent she's ever met.

By: Greg & Mary Julia

We purchased our home in April 2007 from the HANY ADAM Team. We were totally satisfied with the service provided to us. Your buyers agent was knowledgeable about the area and market and was always very responsive to our request and questions. In fact, he went "above and beyond the call of duty" on numerous occasions. We would definitely call on the HANY ADAM Team again if we are in the market for a new home.

By: Leon G.

At first I thought this was just going to be another false ad claim, but knowing that I was backed up by your trade program allowed me to negotiate with confidence. This program is the real deal. Hany actually bought my house so I could buy another one! Thank you!

By: Carmen Lopez

I had tried to sell my house by myself with no luck. Then I turned to an agent who made all sorts of promises, but never brought any buyers. When Hany Adam told me he would buy someone else’s house so they could buy mine, I figured it was just more empty promises. When he actually delivered, I was speechless. Hany actually bought someone else’s house so they could buy mine! This program is real and it worked for me!

By: Angelica H. & Tom H.

Hany and the Royal LePage Signature Team sold our home for 104% of the asking price in 24 days. Just amazing, considering the current market. So many people are out there complaining about the real estate market. We just tell them ‘Call Hany!

By: Chris M. & Jen W.

Hany and his skilled team of employees not only made us very educated in the home buying process through excellent communication, but also produced excellent results! We sold our home for 98.5% of asking price in less than a 30 day turnaround, despite the slowing housing market and tougher economic conditions.

By: Robert P. and Ashley G.

Hany Adam sold our condo for 102% of our asking price in 17 days. Your home selling program definitely helped us get our home sold – in fact our buyer bought with low money down! Your team did a great job of keeping us informed throughout the process and getting things through to closing smoothly. Thank you!

By: Mona & Eric H.

SOLD for 103% of my asking price in just 6 days. Thank you!

By: Robert B.

“I tried selling it first with another agent who locked me into a contract, but didn’t get any results. Then I wanted to sell it myself but wasn’t able to get my price. When I met Hany he told me he would let me continue marketing it myself, while he worked to sell the home with his systems. If I had found a buyer I wasn’t going to have to pay Hany any commission at all, plus I could cancel our agreement anytime I wanted. It turned out he sold the home before I could and I was happy to accept the offer. Thanks for GETTING IT DONE!

By: Al A.

I called Hany Adam and his team. In hindsight I should have called him from the beginning. In fact, I had tried to sell with 3 different agents before calling Hany and his team. Things were getting stressful and frustrating as the house had been sitting vacant and we had been making two mortgage payments for 12 months. I called him because of his reputation for selling houses quickly, especially houses that other agents hadn’t been able to move for people. Within six weeks Hany and his team had our house sold and the deal was handled very professionally. I was totally in the loop the entire time and received numerous phone calls from his office with updates of what was going on. I was very pleased with the service that we received from Hany Adam and his team. I would have no problems recommending him to anyone.

By: Linda M. and Rose J.

When mom died we really didn’t know what to do about handling things. There wasn’t even a will. We turned to Hany Adam. He and his team just handled everything for us. They found us a great attorney and even met us at City Hall to help handle all of the paperwork. He handled all the details of the sale of the real estate. Hany got the home sold in 1 DAY for 1% MORE than we thought it was worth. Hany and his team made all the details of our estate sale go smoothly AND we put more money in our pocket than we expected. It was such a relief to have these professionals working for us. They really made a difficult time go a little bit easier. Thank you!

By: Kristi S.

I tried selling with another Realtor but none of the buyers she brought could qualify for a mortgage. Then I went online looking for a buyer myself. All sorts of people making all sorts of promises, but no one ever delivering when it counted. I needed results and that’s when I called Hany Adam. In hindsight, I should have just called Hany in the first place. He and his team delivered immediate results. We had 2 offers on the house and it was all over in 10 days. What a relief!

By: Sara & George D.

Hany Adam sold my house in 2 hours and 45 minutes for the full asking price! Hany was actually our THIRD Realtor. The others just didn’t listen to what we wanted and didn’t seem to have the buyers. Obviously we wish we had just called him in the first place. When we met, Hany told us that he had buyers he thought would be interested in the place. Within 3 hours of putting the house on the market Hany had 2 offers for us to choose from. When Hany says he has a “buyers in waiting” program, he is NOT kidding. It’s almost as if Hany had guys wanting to buy our house before we ever met him.

By: Darren & Sonia M.

Hany's VIP buyer program helped us find the perfect home. We got such a great deal -- $25,000 less than any of the others in the neighborhood are selling for, plus the seller took care of all of the inspection items that came up. Hany and his team really made the process go smoothly. They handled all of the little details and paperwork and allowed us to actually enjoy the home buying process. Then when it was time to sell our house, Hany found a buyer in just 11 days for the full asking price! There were other homes similar to ours in our area up for sale at the same time, but with your system, ours sold first. Hany brought us the plan, the people and the performance to sell our home for the full asking price in less than two weeks. We were very serious about selling our home as quickly as we could, but also for the very best money we could. It was nice to know that there were professionals there to help and advise us, and to market our home really aggressively. Your team was just fantastic. It was just a really pleasant experience and we really appreciated the professionalism of everyone we dealt with. I would have no hesitation recommending you and your team to anyone who is really serious about selling their home.

By: Theresa & Nick B.

Hany Adam and the Royal LePage Signature Team never stopped working to get our home sold, even in the tough real estate market we are currently facing. We always had buyers coming through the home and we always had weekly feedback calls from. So we were always up to date with the details of what was happening with our sale. We were able to get 98.5% of our suggested list price, 4.3% MORE than the neighborhood average this year.

By: Yolanda M.

After 5 months with another agent I was beginning to give up hope. Then I called the Hany Adam's Team and after just 17 days they had it sold for 100% of my asking price! I chose Hany Adam's team to represent me in the sale of my home and I’m extremely happy that I did. I enjoyed the experience of selling my home because of Hany Adam's performance and also because he has a super team supporting him. Hany’s system is totally different from what anyone else is doing. I definitely recommend Hany's services whether you’re buying or selling a home.

By: Peggy and Richard H.

Hany and the Royal LePage Signature Team sold our home for 2.75% MORE than the other homes in the neighborhood are selling for, and it only took 14 days. We were SO worried about the real estate market and all the horrible things we see on the news every night. We didn’t know if our home would ever sell. Then we tried to sell it ourselves to an investor, who strung us along for months and never delivered. When we met Hany, we could tell things would be different right from the first meeting. His team system made the whole process so easy for us. Most importantly, they brought buyers through the home. Real buyers, who were able to get a mortgage. In 14 days it was all over.

By: Calvin and Maria C.

Hany Adam sold 2 of our properties for us and did a great job. He did it quickly – the sales were always under contract within 1 to 4 weeks -- and he got us 98% and 106.0% of our asking price on each sale. Best of all, it was a hassle-free process! His team always handled the transactions very smoothly and we always appreciated the constant feedback, which let us know what was happening during each of the sales.

By: Isabel & Mark V.

Hany Adam sold our home in 10 days for100.0% of the asking price! Thanks to you and your team for not only finding the buyer, but making things easy for me to get to closing. When others were making promises, you guys actually delivered and got the deal done

By: Andrew J.

“I originally considered listing our Home as ‘For Sale By Owner,’ but then I heard about Hany Adam and his Team Home Selling System. I met with Hany and listened to what he had to say. I was impressed! I thought I could sell my house on my own, but after seeing the extensive marketing that Hany's team provides, I knew I should list with them. Every step in the process was well organized and well executed. I got a quick sale in just 17 days and 99.0% of the asking price! It was great to have a team of professionals working for me rather than having to do it on my own!”

By: - Leonardo & Kelly M.

Hany sold our home for $27,000 more than we thought we could get and did it in just 15 days. If it wasn’t for your knowledge and expertise we would have walked away with less.

By: Earl I.

Yo Mikey Miss! Thanks for referring me to Hany Adam to get my home sold! I heard you on 97.5 the Fanatic, called Hany and he sold my house in 16 days for the full asking price!

By: Johnny & Tracey

Johnny and I wanted to thank you for all you did helping us find our new home. To our surprise, we spent only 1 (one) Saturday and we found it, our new Home, the second house we looked at! I kept thinking "There's no way we could find our dream house so quickly! The dogs also thank you every time they walk on the grass. We are all happy and excited to be in our new home. We could not have done it without your expertise, sense of humor, understanding and caring. Thanks again to the HANY ADAM Team.

By: Mary W.

SOLD in 3 days for 99.5% of my asking price. Everyone else said you can’t sell a home in today’s market. I guess Hany Adam doesn’t listen to them. Thank you for making things a bit easier for me during this big transition in my life.

By: Bryan & Pamelia

First we want to say thank you because we just love our new home. We owe a lot of thanks to you for your expertise, professionalism, and most of all your patience with all of the MLS numbers that you were given. Your communication with us from the beginning to end was superb. The HANY ADAM TEAM will be highly recommended to anyone we know who is interested in purchasing or selling a home.

By: Tom H.

Hany Adam sold my home in 5 days for more than the asking price! Hany's team always kept me up to date on what was happening with my sale. I was very happy with the service and communication.

By: Rachel & Hector M.

Hany and the Royal LePage Signature Team sold our house for 103% of our asking price in just 4 days. It all happened so fast. All we had to worry about was packing!

By: Karen & Paul

It was such a pleasure working with the HANY ADAM Team. You are a group of caring individuals. We really appreciate all you did for us and will use you in the future and definitely refer you to our friends.

By: Larry S. & Carolyn W.

Hany Adam sold our home in just 12 days for 2.5% more than we thought it was worth! The entire process was handled professionally and smoothly by Hany’s team. We couldn’t be happier with the service we received. Thank you!

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